Pullmantur Cruises - Horizon

A holiday city floating on the sea

All the comforts of your home, the fun of the most amazing theme parks and cultural events second to none are all part of the lure of the magnificent Horizon. The ship is large and comfortable thanks to it’s complete refurbishment in 2009. The Horizon can carry 1828 passengers in 721 cabins, spread across 12 decks and will take you to the most renowned and beautiful sites around the Mediterranean.

“How wonderful!” are the two words most people exclaim when they board our Horizon ship, and it’s no surprise either. Your first impression is not deceptive, and in fact even after the spending a few days onboard your fascination with everything the Horizon has to offer will continue to grow.

On the unhurried waters of the Mediterranean, the ship rises like a dazzling nine-floor skyscraper from where you can soak-up fabulous sunrises, sunsets, beautiful locations along the coastlines.

The ship is divided into nine decks which are home to 721 cabins, six cafe-bars, three restaurants, a modern medical centre and numerous sports, leisure and relaxation centres, including gym, casino, solariums and jacuzzis.

The Pullmantur Cruceros ships are designed to fulfil two fundamental functions, to give you the best onboard service and help you rest and relax.

Without doubt, the best experience is to treat yourself to a stay on one of the ships 482 exterior cabins, but even if your budget is slightly more limited, don’t worry because all cabins are equipped with double bed, bathroom, television, hairdryer, 110-220V electricity outlets and safety deposit box.

On top of all of these fantastic facilities all of the cabins are spacious with a generous minimum floorspace of 15.20m2.

However, our Royal Suite with terrace measures 55m2, making you feel like you’re in another world of luxury and comfort that you’ll always find onboard the Horizon.

Other benefits, like bunks, balconies and disables access vary, as do the prices, according to the part of the ship where the cabins are located.

One of the most important pleasures in life is to enjoy, great food, especially when you don’t have to cook and serve it yourself.

Now imagine on top of all that, the dishes have all been created for you by a team of chefs under the expert guidance of Spanish, two Michelin-star chef, Paco Roncero. If you don’t find something that you fancy eating in any of Horizon’s restaurants you can even dine in your cabin.

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