Hamburg Race Club, Grandstands were built, the Derby moved to Hamburg. More in: History of the Derby. The gallop racecourse in Hamburg-Horn gained in importance, the sporting importance also grew. The Derby became the most important event in German gallop sports. But the board had to maneuver the Hamburg race club again and again by difficult waterway. Two world wars, a revolution and inflation have survived the derby, even though it could not be carried out five times on the “home track”. With idealism, continuity and great commitment, the board of the Hamburg racing club has mastered even the most difficult crises. Time and again, major construction measures have brought the club to financial boundaries. Also, the tasks have not become simpler. The railway had to be extensively renovated, there are plans for a complete new building together with the birders. In addition, the not easy situation of the German galloping race at the beginning of the new millennium.

Address: Hamburger Renn-Club e.V., Rennbahnstr. 96, 22111 Hamburg, Germany
Phone:  +49 (0)4065 18229 / +49 (0)4065 18247
Opening Hour: N/A

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