Scheibenholz Racing, The flat racing combines centuries cultures worldwide. With the International race day the Scheibenholz sets an example for more diversity and tolerance in the city. After the premiere of Houston / Texas last year, the day of the race in 2017 is the focus of the Leipzig partner city of Lyon in France.

 Musical and culinary delights à la française ensure an enjoyable race day. The Leipzig restaurateur Dietrich Enk conjures French specialties in the ring Toto. From 10 am until the first race all visitors are also a brunch with free beer invited in the ring Toto.

 For the first time the Scheibenholz organized in cooperation with the largest betting company in Europe, the PMU based in France, a gallop race day. So wait from 11 am seven highly doped races and the German Jockey elite to the audience.

 PREMIERE: Large highlight the opening act is the first time a sheep race . From 10 am the five race sheep Ms. Piggi, Elizabeth, Grace, Penny and Cindy go to the 100-meter start.

Address: Leipziger Rennklub e.V., Wundstr 4, 04275 Leipzig, Germany
Phone:  +49 (0)3419 604 327
Email: N/A
Opening Hour: N/A

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